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System is working normally but is now processing ticket purchase by a large number of customers. All Internet ticketing slots are currently taken up by customers. Please wait a moment. System will try access again for you automatically.
(1) 使用鍵盤上的更新按鍵(例如在使用「視窗」的個人電腦鍵盤上按「F5」按鍵)只能更新此頁面,但不能連結購票網站
Pressing refresh key on the keyboard (e.g. “F5” key for PC running Windows) can only refresh this page but cannot access to the ticket purchase website.
(2) 如顧客自行使用自動程式不斷快速重試登入購票網站或會被系統視為惡意程式而封鎖
Automated programme used by patrons for speedy retry of access to the ticket purchase website may be blocked by the system as malware.

您亦可使用信用卡電話訂票熱線(852)2111 5999(每日上午十時至晚上八時)或於各售票處開放時間內前往購票。
You may also use our credit card telephone booking hotline at (852) 2111 5999 (from 10 am to 8 pm daily) or visit our outlets during their opening hours.